REI XR 10 x 32 Waterproof Binoculars


Fully multicoated lenses using anti-reflective coatings provide superb light transmission, even in low light BaK4 prisms match the optical system to enhance image quality, brightness and resolution to discern fine detail at long … [Read more]

TP List | 5 Best Things About Surfing California


California has lots of things going against it, uncontrollable crowds, polluted water, all around cluster f**k shenanigans in and out of the water, everyone from your guidance counselor to your boss decked out in a  hurley shirt saying "dude, … [Read more]

DIY | Beer Glass From A Bottle


Making a glass from a bottle is really easy but kind of frustrating. Easy enough to do, but to actually get something we could use for a glass was a bit more difficult. Had to go through a couple bottles to actually get a usable one.  they kept … [Read more]

TP List | 7 Tips To Have A Better Surf Session


Having a shite surf session happens to all of us, there are lots of things we can do about it, the two things we usually do is paddle in or try to surf through it- which usually ends up making the surf even more frustrating. Here are a few things … [Read more]

Video of the Day | Slayanvis


The Queen in one of her many moods,  Slater is doing most of the surfing except for the guy he snakes and the guy trying to share a wave with him, slates seems to be a bit of a twitter fish on some these waves. The surfing is mostly an afterthought … [Read more]

Know This Guy | Bunker Spreckels


Adolph B Spreckles ||| Born 1949 Bunker to family and friends. Surfing, Privilege, Hedonism Reincarnated Hawaiian Prince. Heir to sugar Baron and Clark Gables Step son at age 5 Bunker started life fast and then threw it into overdrive in … [Read more]

DIY | Nasi Goreng Ayam


NASI GORENG AYAM ( Fried Rice with Chicken) This is a good, easy, taste of Indonesia. If you have been to Indonesia for a surf trip then you have no doubt had this basic surf trip staple. Nasi Goreng can be made with just about anything … [Read more]

Coleman Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove


The Coleman Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove, summer is here for a lot of you and that means taking a little vacation, and if you aren't going on some super expensive Indo boat trip or Central American surf camp holiday, then loading up the … [Read more]

TP List | Top 15 North Shore Movie Quotes


Was on the interwebs the other day and saw something about people wanting to make a sequel to the  1987 movie North Shore . So thought I would re-visit that movie. North shore the movie is a classic amongst Hollywood’s foray into surf movies. … [Read more]

Video of the Day | Nam 3


Crazy mind surfing waves Namibia!  Mainly a body board vid, some surfers thrown in but they aren't really making any waves. I'm sure there were some stand up guys getting some.   … [Read more]