Fiji Cloudbreak-What Your Excuse?

Excused From The Cloudbreak Contest? Tuned in for the Asp Professional Surf Contest. The big wave day was all time. Don't really care that much that they didn't run the contest, what was bugging was some of the B.S. that was being spewed for … [Read more]

Driving In Bali Tips

Driving In Bali Anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac; any one who drives slower is an idiot.  George Carlin Driving in Bali is a delicate balance of swerving, dodging, gunning it, and sitting patiently in traffic. You will share the … [Read more]

Bali Airport Arrival Guide for Surfers

Bali Airport Guide For Surfers and Travelers Bali Airport Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali Airport Code: DPS Okay so if you are coming to Bali to Surf, there are a few things you should know when you get off the plane to make your … [Read more]

Bali Waves

Was cruising around looking for some waves and decided to take some shots and video clips....... The waves were good all over just had to hit the different spots with the changing tides. (take a look) … [Read more]

George Freeth A True Modern Surfer

George Freeth The Father Of California Surfing The First Professional Surfer Born on Oahu 1883 Dead at 35 of the "Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918" in San Diego in 1919 George was a Hapa   Irish/Hawaiian Surfed around Waikiki with a few other … [Read more]

Camel gets barreled in West Oz

Video of Camel in a Crazy Barrel Underground legend From West Oz. Don't know the spot I guess its in WA somewhere. Surfed with him one time at Deserts 10 years ago, he was killing it. He had a crazy old climbing/bicycle helmet on and some sort … [Read more]